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Who: Kirk and OPEN
What: Out for a run
Where: The nearest gym then possibly out and around the Station

Everything was back to normal, or as normal as it should've been. There had been so much excess energy so he managed to find the nearest gym. Funny how when Bones wanted him to exercise he wouldn't and when he didn't want him to, he did. Not that he was really thinking about that at the moment. No, at the moment he was running around the gym, aiming to tire himself out. After he did that he'd have to go off and check on his crew.

They were a main part of this and he needed to make sure they were all doing okay. Not that he didn't think they were, he knew they were. However, he worried quite a bit and they'd been at the Station for a while now. Soon enough, hopefully, they'd be back on the ship. Home. Right where they belonged.

Medical Incredible

Who: Bones McCoy, whoever
Where: Space Station medical bay
What: You can take the man out of the medical, but you can't take the medical out of the man

If McCoy ever admitted he was in love, and no, he wouldn't use that term towards the past regarding his ex-wife, he'd say he was in love with Deep Space 5's state of the art operating room #4. Needless to say, it was amazing.

He flipped through the specs on the PADD. "The table self adjusts... the lights are both voice command and manually movable... Oh God, look at that anesthesia monitor!"

Walking around the perimeters of the OR, he scanned over each monitor and accessed some files that allowed video references/guidance to thousands of surgical procedures. The Enterprise was amazing in it's own right, but this was beyond magnificent.

The door slid open allowing the Chief Medical Officer leave the quarters and back in the main area of the sick bay. Yes, there were definite improvements that could be added to his own sick bay. Now to get his staff to agree, which shouldn't be too hard...

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Who: The Scotts
What: Liz is struggling with her telepathy, again.
Where: Their quarters

After the fiasco with the energy cloud, Elizabeth had a few tough days of not being able to figure out where her telepathy was. It was almost completely gone and though she didn't express that to Monty, she was a little stressed. However, just as it always did, she felt it start to come back and in a couple days she was having it just fine. Then something changed and she couldn't pinpoint it. 

It started with being back at work. Her studies of people were being interrupted by extreme frustration, depression, social anxiety and pretty much every negative feeling you could get. She wasn't sure why she was feeling this way on her own and she wasn't able to figure out why everyone else was feeling that way short of asking them outright. In typical avoidance fashion, she let it go for a couple days, assuming that it was just a mood and she would be fine, as would the rest of the crew.

She wasn't fine. And in a few days, it had worsened, but now she at least knew what was happening... sort of. Elizabeth stopped hearing thoughts or picking up on other's emotions. In a way, at least. Instead of hearing everything people thought, she was hearing only negative feelings or thoughts. It was frustrating at first, but the real problem was that she couldn't block these thoughts. It was like her shields that she'd worked so hard to learn how to use and developed were gone. Nothing would stay out of her head and nothing was good thoughts. She was trapped in restlessness and anger and frustration. Sadness, fear... all of it was present.

She took to hiding in their quarters as much as she could. She hadn't told Monty all this yet because she didn't need him worrying over hera about this. It wasn't worth it. She figured that it would pass, but at the moment it was doing little else but drive her mad. So she sat curled up on their couch, knees to her chest, chin resting on her knee and pretending as best she could that all was well with the world.

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Who: Savannah and OPEN
What: Out for a Walk
Where: Around the Station

She'd mainly stuck to herself, away from everyone as much as possible and became the loner of the group. She couldn't exactly go for a run, not yet anyway. That was something she'd have to do eventually just to keep herself in shape. Not that she really needed it.

So for now she's merely walking around the station, no set destination in mind. Everything in that moment was a bit mindless, so she just hoped that she didn't run into anyone. Well... no one that she'd tense up around anyway. That was not on her agenda, not this day.

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Who: Marla McGivers, OPEN
What: Exploring the space station
Where: A nice secluded corner

Shore leave. Marla had been looking forward to it since the rumor had first started to mke its rounds on the ship. She needed a break from the insanity of working on the Enterprise. After all, waking up one day in Medical, and being told that she'd been in a coma for weeks was just... bizarre. She didn't feel like she had been out that long. It was as if someone had reached into her life and cut away that time with an almost surgical precision - when she'd woken up, she'd been incredibly startled to realize that she was in Medical, and not in her office, as she had been just moments before passing out.

And then there were the dreams. She didn't know if it had anything to do with the coma, but since waking up, she'd had... Well, she couldn't call them nightmares. Not exactly. They were strange, and she didn't really understand why she kept dreaming about rushing water, or being suspended over a dark void, especially when her dreams - when she remembered them - tended toward the vague nonsensical sort of dreams that make perfect sense while asleep but lose all meaning upon waking up. Still, she didn't let herself dwell on it. The archives wouldn't look after themselves, after all, and there hadn't been anyone tending to them for a few weeks, and she'd gone right back to work because there wasn't much else she could do.

But she'd been relieved when she'd heard shore leave was coming up. A chance to get off the ship was always welcome, as far as she was concerned. She was not, however, much thrilled about shore leave taking place on a space station, of all things. It was just as bad as being stuck on the ship. She'd have preferred something like Risa again. But when you were out in deep space... what you got was what you got, unfortunately. So she'd packed a small bag with a few supplies, and headed over to the station. It was just as boring as she'd feared it would be, but there was a small cafe that looked promising, and she tucked herself away at a corner table after ordering something that didn't sound too alien, and pulled out a sketchbook and was quickly lost to the world around her.

Mars and Hikaru's Strange Adventure

Who: Mars DiFalco, Hikaru Sulu
Where: EVERYWHERE in Deep Space 5
What: It seems that no matter where Sulu goes, it's bound to be strange yet oddly exciting.

Mars was never a big fan of space stations and thanked everyone in Starfleet for not assigning her to one. They just seemed so confining and not much to do. At least on the Enterprise she could visit other worlds, or at least see something different out her view screen.

That being said, this was probably ranked one of the lowest on her list of shore leaves. In fact it shouldn't even be called a shore leave considering there was not even a shore unless the holodeck counted for something.

Roaming the halls, Mars visited a few random departments and poked around seeing if anything interesting was taking place, and continued on her way with a sigh. How long are we going to be here? She was beginning to wonder if she should've stayed on the bridge and help out with a few things when she turned the corner and found the other ship's pilot: Hikaru!

"Ah, Hikaru! Have you... Hey!" Before he could really utter any sound, he was jogging down the corridor. "Where are you going!?" She chased after him as he shouted a reply of something she couldn't understand all that well.
± Smile/Smirk

So bring me two pina coladas / One for each hand /

Who: Isibeal Doran {Open for anyone!}
What: Isibeal happily takes the shore leave granted
Where: At the space station's lounge

There was an undignified huff as Isibeal had a seat at the bar in the space station's lounge. When she had gotten the message from McCoy that they were granted a bit of shore leave - that wasn't really shore leave but a station. Yay. - she had been pretty enthusiastic about it. She was still adjusting to the Enterprise, and after all the weirdness since her arrival, a space station was probably the best thing for her right now. That and changing out of her uniform helped quite a bit as well.

Ordering a drink, she looked around at the other lounge occupants before focusing on the delivered beverage. Bright blue with an umbrella and straw poking out of it, Isibeal thanked the bartender for replicating it for her before taking a drink.

Ahh, that hit the spot. She stole another glance around the lounge, wondering if there was anyone she knew from the ship here.

Please not now/ I just settled into the glass half empty/Made myself at home

Who: Charlene Masters and Sanjay Singh aka the Enterprise's most awkward  turtle couple
Where: The Space Station where all the fun's at
What: Charlene is brought back down from the clouds to solid ground, and a relationship is rekindled.

Boring. That was the only word that could perfectly describe the Space Station. There were research labs, but that wasn't remotely interesting in the least...according to Charlene, that is. Truth be told, there wasn't much that caught her interest lately. 

Getting stuck in the Dreamscape for weeks didn't leave Charlene's psyche unscathed. This wasn't due to her dreams were terrifying. On the contrary, she found them to be exciting and fun. It was like her childhood imagination took over, and created this whimsical world and this fantastic alter-ego just for her. It was better than any hologram because it felt real and at the time she believed it to be real.

Now she was back in reality, and it was disappointing. Time seemed to go by too slowly for her. Work was now unbearably monotonous. Everything was just so ordinary.

As a result, she began to distance herself from, well, everything. This included Sanjay. Their reunion had been short and somewhat awkward, so different from the more emotional ones she observed in the Sickbay. Since then, she hadn't seen much of him. Their shift schedules were completely opposite, and right after she was off duty, she should rush back to her quarters to sleep.

Now she rested on one of the couches in the station's lounge area, pillow covering her face as she tried to dream again.