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to boldly go!
a star trek roleplaying community.
Nov/2nd/2010 11:51 pmno sub.
Who: Enterprise bridge crew, the Klingons, anyone who has business on the bridge
Where: On the edge of Federation territory
What: Mystery, intrigue, and a Klingon fleet

General Kor stood rigidly in the center of the bridge, his eyes fixed on the viewscreen in front of him. Had he been the sort to pace, he'd have been pacing; this so-called "mission" disgusted him. Slinking from world to world, keeping their ships cloaked to escape detection. That was not the Klingon way. There was no honor in subterfuge, only cowardice. And Kor was no coward. He had to wonder if his superiors were growing soft. And yet, their desire to keep this operation secret was, he admitted grudgingly - and only to himself - understandable. With Romulan space on one side, and Federation space on the other, it would be death to any ship caught unawares.

The Romulans. Kor kept his features impassive, but beneath that facade, his blood boiled at the thought of them. An entire squadron, destroyed, by one Romulan ship. The Romulans claimed to have known nothing about such a thing. Anyone who believed Romulans... Kor kept his lip from curling only by tightening his fists. Romulans were almost as bad as Earthers. Almost. In spite of his distaste for this mission, however, it was a necessary one. The Empire had to rebuild the fleet after the Romulan attack, and rebuilding meant there was an increased need of dilithium. And why trade, when the Empire could take what it wanted? After all, the planet Kor's ship was currently orbiting had no need of its dilithium deposits; the inhabitants were a primitive people, barely out of their own Stone Age. It was easy enough to avoid them.

A transmission came through, and Kor, who had ordered silence on all channels, bristled at the intrusion. Was he so unworthy of honor and respect? "What do you want?" he snapped, in his native tongue. The transmission that followed contained a report of the locations of the dilithium deposits on the planet they were orbiting; it was crucial information, but the transmission had come ahead of schedule. As far as Kor knew, no Federation ships were supposed to be in the area, but the Federation had a tendency to crop up where it wasn't wanted.
Oct/30th/2010 11:53 amno sub.
Who: Liz and Chrissy
Where: Cafe on the station
What: In which a long overdue hang out occurs.

Liz had been nervous all day. Even her husbands distractions weren't really enough to keep her mind off it in the long term, but she was there and waiting for a table and hoping that Chrissy got there soon. At least once she was there, they'd be able to get this all out of the way and she wouldn't have to keep feeling so guilty about everything. She did feel horrible over it. She really wished that she could have come up with a better solution and probably a faster one instead of waiting so long to talk to her best friend.

For now, she was just standing there, a bag in hand and tapping her foot while staring at the ground. She was nervous, which explained the tapping at least. 
Who: Isibeal Doran, {OPEN}
What: Since their 'shore leave' is almost over, Isibeal figures she's gonna throw a party. A Halloween party that is.
Where: The largest observation deck on the Enterprise


Ample amounts of food, for...all species?

Isibeal pushed the mask she had up so she could get a look around the observation deck. With some help from one of the computer techs, and an engineer, the nurse had managed to make the observation deck look pretty damn spooky. Dim lighting (but enough so people can see where they're walking) with blacklights dotted here and there, the far window being the only one open, tables set with food and drinks, while the computer ran through various tracks that related to Halloween and various spooky themes.

She had bullied asked Chekov nicely into sending a ship wide message to everyone's personal PADD, inviting them to the festive little shindig. After all, what better way to finish off this shore leave? Everyone had been asked to dress up in costume, whether the costumes were cute, scary, quirky or just plain weird.

Isibeal checked the clock that was visible on the wall. It was almost time. Her excitement bubbling, she pulled her mask back down to complete her oh-so awesome costume. It was old Terran film that she had watched with some friends in college, and since she was a nurse, Isibeal figured it'd be a perfect costume for Halloween.
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Who: Jim Kirk and Spock
What: After their make up, Spock has an idea to help with Jim's disturbing thoughts.
Where: Spock's quarters on the ship

After his...'reunion' and fixing the intimate relationship he had with Captain Kirk, the First Officer felt like things were right once more. But after an inquiry, he'd learned that his significant other hadn't been sleeping well. In the hall he had mulled over the possible reasons before beckoning Jim to follow him. The Vulcan had an idea.

Quickly striding through the halls, Spock and Jim didn't meet anyone in the halls at three o'clock in the morning.

Spock led Jim all the way through the station and back to the ship, and soon he was punching in the code for his own room. The door slid open to allow them entrance into the dimly lit room. A shawl of beads hung from the ceiling over at one wall, showing the IDIC sign that the Vulcans followed.

"Lights, eighty percent." The lights clicked and hummed to life, bathing the two officers in light. Spock moved over to a small alcove in his room, where a cushion was set, and a small box with incense sticks poking out of it. He pushed the cushion a bit before going to his closet and producing another one before setting it down in front of the first one. Another minute and the gray stream of smoke glided up from the incense before he turned to Jim.

"I propose a meld to help alleviate you of your trouble." He told him. "Through the meld, I will be able to suppress the negative thoughts that are troubling your mind and keeping you from sleeping.
Oct/24th/2010 12:08 am - Pep talk time!
Who: The Scotts
Where: Their quarters
What: Liz needs a pep talk

Liz had sent a message to Monty. She was still avoiding crowds for the most part and she had made one trip out in which she came across a beautiful necklace that she had to buy for Chrissy. This is what prompted the message she sent which was now resulting in a lunch date. Liz was nervous, more so than she should be because Chrissy was okay and seemed just fine. Liz was still a worried and so she messaged her husband in a panic which then just lead to her pacing in the room until he arrived. 
┼ Snarky
Who: Spock, {open}
Where: Space Station mess hall
What: Even First Officers need om noms. Joining him, y/y?

After his successful reestablishment of his relationship with the Captain, Spock had been strangely...pleasant. Well, as pleasant as a Vulcan could be. His remarks, comments, suggestions, and all else were still as logical and full of huge words as usual, but they were less snippy, a little calmer, like all was right with his world. In a sense, it was.

Apparently the whole ship knew about his relationship as well, with some of the females looking disappointingly in his direction as he passed by, others giving him hopeful looks. Hopeful like he was actually feeling something for another person. Illogical, really. There were rumors floating through what the other crew members thought were whispers, but Spock ignored them as he headed down the hall. After supervising some of the repairs done in the computer labs, he decided that not only was it an appropriate time for the second meal of the day, but he was actually hungry.

He'd found the Captain in the gym, running a few laps, so he bypassed interrupting him by leaving and heading straight for the mess hall. Some of the tables were dotted with other crew members, but there was a nice table open by a large porthole. Replicating some fruit and a vegetable soup that had ample nutrients he needed at this hour, Spock headed over to the table after making sure his orange juice wasn't pulpy - he decided long ago that he liked the 'non-pulp' version of Human orange juice. Having a seat by the window, he watched the space pass by the station for a bit before dipping his spoon into his soup.
Oct/24th/2010 01:26 am - Anyone for Chocolate?
sly smile
 After the constant commotion that overwhelmed the ship almost constantly, Mikan was relieved to hear word of a leave on the space station. It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to relax and get in some good leisure time before trying to resume normal activity on the Enterprise. It just so happened at a particular bar of chocolate in one of the small shops on the station seemed to call his fiancee's name, so after purchasing it, he headed back to the room he and the head nurse had been assigned. 

Punching in his access code, he walked in with a smile. "Chrissy?" he called, slipping off his jacket.
Oct/24th/2010 12:17 am - We All Need Somebody To Lean On
Mirror: rorriM
Who: Montgomery Scott and Nyota Uhura
Where: The pub on the station
What: Some much needed hanging out time

He'd promised Uhura that this leave, they would have some time to just hang out, just the two of them. It had been far too long he and Uhura had had a chance to just sit and talk and be friends. There was always some crisis or another happening on the ship, it seemed, and somehow or another they only saw each other when things were getting dire.

But he'd promised. That was, more or less, the only reason he was even away from the ship at all right now. He was worried about Liz. Worried about her, and trying not to be worried about her. And this was supposed to be time to relax. He wasn't doing a whole lot of that. Nevertheless, he'd sent Uhura a message telling her to meet him at the pub, and he'd gone ahead and gone himself, and ordered a drink, and settled in to wait, trying not to look like he wasn't relaxing and having a good time. It wasn't working so well.
Who: Fran + YOU
Where: The station
What: In which there are alcoholic funtimes

After the frantic hive of activity engineering had been throughout the crisis, it was good to have some free time in which to relax and do nothing. And drink, obviously. That was the whole point of shoreleave. So it was that the start of the evening found Fran sitting at the bar of a pub on the station, dressed in civvies and sipping contentedly on a pint. There were plenty of people about. It'd be nice to bump into a familiar face, but honestly she wasn't terribly bothered either way.
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