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Isibéal Doran

Man those sweet memories // How do you sleep?

Who: Isibeal Doran, {open}
Where: The hallways from Medical to Mess
What: Not much has been happening recently - not that she's complaining - but she hasn't been getting much sleep due to restless nights. That and who reorganized the damn supply closet? She just fixed that!

A sigh echoed slightly through the empty Sick bay, mixing with the soft beeps of a biobed that had been turned on for testing. Or something like that, Isibeal couldn't remember at this point. She was exhausted and currently holding her head up with the help of her arm and hand.

Her nights hadn't been going so great. Since that...that thing with McCoy a few months ago, Isibeal had gone against her instinct and started researching stuff. Specifically things related to her mother, and even more so related to the father she hadn't known. Ever since, the nurse had been dreaming of ways he had died, all that time ago during the Nero incident. It wasn't pleasant, that's for certain.

Shaking her head to pull herself awake, she got up, thinking that Mess would be good right now. Nothing than a shitty cup of replicated coffee to jolt herself back to full conciousness. Ugh. Heading out of the sterile smelling area, Isibeal walked down the hallway, covering her mouth to hide a yawn as she did so. It was kind of late in the shift, and she should be paying attention to make sure she wouldn't walk into anyone but...pffft, she probably wasn't awake enough for that.
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