The Klingon Empire (klingon_empire) wrote in to_boldlygo,
The Klingon Empire

Who: The USS Enterprise and a couple of Klingon warbirds
Where: Deep space, on the edge of Federation territory
What: The final confrontation

At the very edge of Federation territory, two Klingon warbirds uncloaked and turned, preparing to face the ship that had been hounding them for the past few days. A third was already speeding back toward Klingon space, carrying Kor and his crew with it. The two ships that remained had but one goal: destroy the Enterprise. If they could just lure her beyond the reaches of Federation territory... if they could draw her into neutral space, they could crush her, without repercussion from the Federation. Soon now, very soon, the Enterprise would be upon them.
Tags: character: klingons
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