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S'chn T'gai Spock

I've journeyed to this place // To study the behavior patterns of the human race

Who: The First Officer, {Open}
Where: Observation Deck
What: Even with meditating, Spock's got a lot on his mind and watching space may help. Or he just wants to be social.

Klingons, PADDs, facts, numbers, statistics, people, data - it was all running through Spock's mind like clockwork. Since their computers and sensors had led them to believe that they had Klingons nearby, the First Officer of the Enterprise had been using spare time to try and come up with logical and reasonable solutions to the given situation. The Vulcan was finding he didn't like coming up short with answers and solutions, and after meditating...still nothing.

After replicating some Vulcan fruit, Spock had gone to the observation deck, thinking that perhaps there was something going on that he could observe, like the Halloween party from last month, but there was nothing. Even with meditation, he wished for something...'unique', per say, to move his mind to something else for the time being.

Setting his small tray with the bowl of fruit and tea on the table, Spock had a seat instead, with his hands resting lightly on his knees while he watched the space float by the window.
Tags: character: david tinny, character: montgomery scott, character: spock
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