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The Klingon Drinking Game™

Who: Bones and Scotty
Where: the secret drinking location
What: The two men try to discuss current events

It had been a while since Bones and Scotty had met up. Both worked in different areas of the ship, and it was pretty rare for them to come in contact while on duty. The other day was a surprise that both happened to be on the bridge during the transmission with the Klingons.

With a PADD in his hand, Bones waited for the door to slide open, only to be greeted by the chief engineer when he stepped in. "You're always early or always late." He commented to him as he took a seat.

"I coaxed some files from Jim to look over. Maybe we can find something out of them." Really that translated to Bones griping that nothing made sense to him, and Scotty being disgusted at their 'mediocre' ship designs.

Regardless, at least he'd get a drink out of it.
Tags: character: leonard mccoy, character: montgomery scott
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