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Let Me Share This Whole New World With You

Who: Gaila and David Tinny.
What: First encounter.
Where: Dr. Tinny's office.

Gaila hadn't really considered going to counseling before. There really was nothing nagging so badly at her mind that she needed someone else to find out why and what made her tick. She had enormous respect for doctors though, don't get her wrong, whether of the body or mind. Dr. Dehner Scott was a wonderful lady with a lot of talent and charm, after all. She was certain this new guy was just the same.

It figures, though. As soon as shore leave ends and the new personnel is on board, something breaks down. Either the rookie messed up some equipment, or the officer inherited some lousy equipment from someone else. Of course, the new counselor's computer breaks down, and who is sent to fix it? Gaila. As if she has nothing better to do. No new personnel in her department this time, so they still had a huge workload to share between the already stationed officers. She was probably going to end up working overtime tonight, again.

But there was no use complaining. It probably wasn't the poor guy's fault, anyway. They really should look into upgrading the computer equipment in the offices around the ship. That way, this sort of thing wouldn't happen. She took a calming breath, put on a friendly smile and looked down at her PADD to make sure she was at the right place. Confirming this, she rang the bell and patiently waited for the doctor to let her in.
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