Yeoman Daniela Mears (sweetinaskirt) wrote in to_boldlygo,
Yeoman Daniela Mears

Sign this, please

Who: Daniela and whoever, it's open
Where: All across the ship
What: A hardworking yeoman tracking down people for signatures

It was a running joke on the ship among the yeomen that when someone was needed, they were sure to be on the completely opposite side of the ship that you were. There were always complaints flying around about why couldn't these files be sent electronically and why did the yeomen have to do so much legwork?

Daniela never joined them in their complaining, though. She knew very well that the yeoman position was one Starfleet overlooked, and if the people in charge ever sat down and worked it out, they'd realize that they actually had little use for yeomen beyond serving coffee and would discharge them all, cutting out the middleman and sending important documents directing to the officers.

That was why she had volunteered to take the bulk of paperwork for the day needing signatures from certain officers. Armed with her electronic clipboard and stylus, she checked a computer terminal to get the location of the first person on the list. Naturally, the computer told her this person was far, far away from her current location. With a sigh, she headed off to find them.
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