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The Klingon Empire

Who: Enterprise bridge crew, the Klingons, anyone who has business on the bridge
Where: On the edge of Federation territory
What: Mystery, intrigue, and a Klingon fleet

General Kor stood rigidly in the center of the bridge, his eyes fixed on the viewscreen in front of him. Had he been the sort to pace, he'd have been pacing; this so-called "mission" disgusted him. Slinking from world to world, keeping their ships cloaked to escape detection. That was not the Klingon way. There was no honor in subterfuge, only cowardice. And Kor was no coward. He had to wonder if his superiors were growing soft. And yet, their desire to keep this operation secret was, he admitted grudgingly - and only to himself - understandable. With Romulan space on one side, and Federation space on the other, it would be death to any ship caught unawares.

The Romulans. Kor kept his features impassive, but beneath that facade, his blood boiled at the thought of them. An entire squadron, destroyed, by one Romulan ship. The Romulans claimed to have known nothing about such a thing. Anyone who believed Romulans... Kor kept his lip from curling only by tightening his fists. Romulans were almost as bad as Earthers. Almost. In spite of his distaste for this mission, however, it was a necessary one. The Empire had to rebuild the fleet after the Romulan attack, and rebuilding meant there was an increased need of dilithium. And why trade, when the Empire could take what it wanted? After all, the planet Kor's ship was currently orbiting had no need of its dilithium deposits; the inhabitants were a primitive people, barely out of their own Stone Age. It was easy enough to avoid them.

A transmission came through, and Kor, who had ordered silence on all channels, bristled at the intrusion. Was he so unworthy of honor and respect? "What do you want?" he snapped, in his native tongue. The transmission that followed contained a report of the locations of the dilithium deposits on the planet they were orbiting; it was crucial information, but the transmission had come ahead of schedule. As far as Kor knew, no Federation ships were supposed to be in the area, but the Federation had a tendency to crop up where it wasn't wanted.
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