Doctor Elizabeth Dehner (elizabethdehner) wrote in to_boldlygo,
Doctor Elizabeth Dehner

Who: Liz and Chrissy
Where: Cafe on the station
What: In which a long overdue hang out occurs.

Liz had been nervous all day. Even her husbands distractions weren't really enough to keep her mind off it in the long term, but she was there and waiting for a table and hoping that Chrissy got there soon. At least once she was there, they'd be able to get this all out of the way and she wouldn't have to keep feeling so guilty about everything. She did feel horrible over it. She really wished that she could have come up with a better solution and probably a faster one instead of waiting so long to talk to her best friend.

For now, she was just standing there, a bag in hand and tapping her foot while staring at the ground. She was nervous, which explained the tapping at least. 
Tags: character: christine chapel, character: elizabeth dehner
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