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Isibéal Doran

Now the d and the a and the m // And the n and the a // And the t and the i-o-n

Who: Isibeal Doran, {OPEN}
What: Since their 'shore leave' is almost over, Isibeal figures she's gonna throw a party. A Halloween party that is.
Where: The largest observation deck on the Enterprise


Ample amounts of food, for...all species?

Isibeal pushed the mask she had up so she could get a look around the observation deck. With some help from one of the computer techs, and an engineer, the nurse had managed to make the observation deck look pretty damn spooky. Dim lighting (but enough so people can see where they're walking) with blacklights dotted here and there, the far window being the only one open, tables set with food and drinks, while the computer ran through various tracks that related to Halloween and various spooky themes.

She had bullied asked Chekov nicely into sending a ship wide message to everyone's personal PADD, inviting them to the festive little shindig. After all, what better way to finish off this shore leave? Everyone had been asked to dress up in costume, whether the costumes were cute, scary, quirky or just plain weird.

Isibeal checked the clock that was visible on the wall. It was almost time. Her excitement bubbling, she pulled her mask back down to complete her oh-so awesome costume. It was old Terran film that she had watched with some friends in college, and since she was a nurse, Isibeal figured it'd be a perfect costume for Halloween.
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