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Learn how to see me, I said // Free your mind and the rest will follow

Who: Jim Kirk and Spock
What: After their make up, Spock has an idea to help with Jim's disturbing thoughts.
Where: Spock's quarters on the ship

After his...'reunion' and fixing the intimate relationship he had with Captain Kirk, the First Officer felt like things were right once more. But after an inquiry, he'd learned that his significant other hadn't been sleeping well. In the hall he had mulled over the possible reasons before beckoning Jim to follow him. The Vulcan had an idea.

Quickly striding through the halls, Spock and Jim didn't meet anyone in the halls at three o'clock in the morning.

Spock led Jim all the way through the station and back to the ship, and soon he was punching in the code for his own room. The door slid open to allow them entrance into the dimly lit room. A shawl of beads hung from the ceiling over at one wall, showing the IDIC sign that the Vulcans followed.

"Lights, eighty percent." The lights clicked and hummed to life, bathing the two officers in light. Spock moved over to a small alcove in his room, where a cushion was set, and a small box with incense sticks poking out of it. He pushed the cushion a bit before going to his closet and producing another one before setting it down in front of the first one. Another minute and the gray stream of smoke glided up from the incense before he turned to Jim.

"I propose a meld to help alleviate you of your trouble." He told him. "Through the meld, I will be able to suppress the negative thoughts that are troubling your mind and keeping you from sleeping.
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