S'chn T'gai Spock (vulcancommander) wrote in to_boldlygo,
S'chn T'gai Spock

"It's a bitch convincing people to like you."

Who: Spock, {open}
Where: Space Station mess hall
What: Even First Officers need om noms. Joining him, y/y?

After his successful reestablishment of his relationship with the Captain, Spock had been strangely...pleasant. Well, as pleasant as a Vulcan could be. His remarks, comments, suggestions, and all else were still as logical and full of huge words as usual, but they were less snippy, a little calmer, like all was right with his world. In a sense, it was.

Apparently the whole ship knew about his relationship as well, with some of the females looking disappointingly in his direction as he passed by, others giving him hopeful looks. Hopeful like he was actually feeling something for another person. Illogical, really. There were rumors floating through what the other crew members thought were whispers, but Spock ignored them as he headed down the hall. After supervising some of the repairs done in the computer labs, he decided that not only was it an appropriate time for the second meal of the day, but he was actually hungry.

He'd found the Captain in the gym, running a few laps, so he bypassed interrupting him by leaving and heading straight for the mess hall. Some of the tables were dotted with other crew members, but there was a nice table open by a large porthole. Replicating some fruit and a vegetable soup that had ample nutrients he needed at this hour, Spock headed over to the table after making sure his orange juice wasn't pulpy - he decided long ago that he liked the 'non-pulp' version of Human orange juice. Having a seat by the window, he watched the space pass by the station for a bit before dipping his spoon into his soup.
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