Fran Lynch (lisburn_lion) wrote in to_boldlygo,
Fran Lynch

I gotta feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night...

Who: Fran + YOU
Where: The station
What: In which there are alcoholic funtimes

After the frantic hive of activity engineering had been throughout the crisis, it was good to have some free time in which to relax and do nothing. And drink, obviously. That was the whole point of shoreleave. So it was that the start of the evening found Fran sitting at the bar of a pub on the station, dressed in civvies and sipping contentedly on a pint. There were plenty of people about. It'd be nice to bump into a familiar face, but honestly she wasn't terribly bothered either way.
Tags: character: fran lynch, character: lavender murphy, character: montgomery scott
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