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Character List for To Boldly Go!

Characters that have been crossed off are taken. Characters in italics are reserved. Once a character has been taken, the journal link will be in the mini-profile.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO APPLY AS ONE OF THE CHARACTERS ON THIS LIST! As long as they are canon and from TOS (or an original character per the rules), you may apply as them. Just make sure to fit their bio to match STXI and keep in mind that any history that has happened in TOS hasn't happened and probably won't happen.
If you need any help with ideas on characters to apply for, there is a great master list here at Memory Alpha.


james tiberius kirk
male, 25, captain, chris pine
James Kirk is the brash, young, and head-strong captain of the
USS Enterprise. He was born during the attack on a ship his
father was stationed on, the USS Kelvin, and barely made it
out alive. For a goodly portion of his life, he was a juvenile
delinquent and he hated to take orders from others. With a
helpful push from Captain Christopher Pike, he eventually
enlisted in Starfleet and ended up going on a wild adventure
that resulted in him being promoted to Captain of the
Enterprise within 3 years.

Played by: iamnotmyfather  

hikaru sulu
male, 21, chief helmsman, john cho
Hikaru Sulu is the USS Enterprise's helmsman. He's a brilliant pilot
and is also quite skilled in sword fighting. He feels he
owes a great debt to Kirk since he saved Sulu's life
while on a mission. Because of this, he's usually one
of the only people that will back up Kirk in an argument.
He's a little shy, but he's also very friendly and determined.

Played by: helmsman_hikaru  

pavel andreievich chekov
male, 17, chief navigator, anton yelchin
Chekov is a bright and optimistic seventeen-year-old mathematical
prodigy who has quickly risen through the ranks of
Starfleet due to his determination and extreme diligence.
He's fresh from Russia and is still having trouble speaking
fluently in English. He's also one of the only people to ever
be assigned to a ship before the age of 18. Thankfully his
friendly demeanor and outgoing attitude helps him establish
relationships with his peers easily.

kevin riley
male, 20, junior navigator, logan lerman
Riley is a Lieutenant aboard the Enterprise. He's known for his
playful personality and carefree attitude. He's often seen joking
around with other people and loves to hit on female officers.

Played by: lt_kevin_riley  

jason brenner
male, 22, tactical officer, (your choice)
Brenner is a phaser specialist who is usually on duty in
the phaser control room. He's a man of few words but when he
does have something to say, it's usually quite insightful.

marcella "mars" difalco
female, 29, helmsman, zooey deschanel
Mars DiFalco is a pleasure to all who meet her. She's got a great
outgoing attitude that often inspires people around her to get up and
go for the gold.

Played by: goldenpilot  


s'chn t'gai spock
male, 26, first officer, zachary quinto
Spock is the Vulcan first officer of the USS Enterprise and
is also a close friend to Captain James T. Kirk. The culture
of his race requires him to flush out all emotion and to only
act with logic. After the destruction of his home planet, he
softened up a bit, letting his heart do some of the deciding
every once in a while. He's the foil to Kirk's brash attitude.

Played by: vulcancommander  

leonard "bones" mccoy
male, 31, chief medical officer, karl urban
Leonard McCoy is the first person Kirk befriended when
he was on his way to Starfleet Academy. "Bones," as his
friends call him, enlisted in Starfleet as a last resort after
his wife divorced him and took everything he owned
(including the "whole planet"). He's always sticking his neck
out for other people and knows how to do his job damn well.
However, he has slight aviophobia.

Played by: grumpy_md  

christine chapel
female, 24, head nurse, bryce dallas howard
Miss Chapel decided to abandon a career in bio-research
for a position in Starfleet in order to track down a man she
once fell in love with. She works as a nurse alongside
Dr. McCoy and helps tend to the injured and sick patients.
She is also good friends with Nyota Uhura.

Played by: chrissychapel  

jabilo m'benga
male, 29, doctor, (your choice)
Doctor M'Benga is a Starfleet medical officer who serves aboard
the USS Enterprise. In the event of Dr. Leonard McCoy's
absence, M'Benga is the ranking chief medical officer. Due to his
outstanding bedside manner and his ability to keep calm and
cool-headed during the most hectic situations, he's usually the
first person people see for a second opinion.

esteban rodriguez
male, 24, science officer, (your choice)
Lieutenant Rodriguez is a bit of a ladies man. He's also very
good at his job and he likes to let everyone know it. Sometimes
though, his pride gets the better of him and can lead him to dangerous
situations that he can't control.


nyota uhura
female, 24, communications officer, zoë saldana
Uhura serves as communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise
under the command of James T. Kirk. While she was at
Starfleet Academy, she was the Academy aide for the
advanced phonology and advanced acoustical engineering
courses. She is proficient in 83% of official Federation
languages and regional dialects. Uhura is in a romantic
relationship with Spock, her former instructor. She also has
an ongoing playful conflict with Kirk.

Played by: nyota_uhura24  

montgomery "scotty" scott
male, 36, chief engineer, simon pegg
Scotty is the quite brilliant Chief Engineer of the USS
Enterprise. Before his promotion, he had been stationed
on planet Delta Vega, due to a failed experiment in which
is transported Admiral Archer's dog somewhere unknown.
He often tries to lighten a situation by telling jokes and he's
a true Scotsman at heart (he loves his scotch). As long as
no one insults the ship, he's a very sociable fellow.

Played by: lt_cmmdr_scott  

janice rand
female, 21, yeoman, your choice
Janice Rand enlisted in Starfleet at a very young age and
was assigned to the USS Enterprise after Kirk was promoted
to Captain. She now serves as Kirk's Yeoman on the bridge.
Even though she tries to hide it, Janice has an underlying
admiration for the captain. She flirts with him and is usually
first to his side to see what he needs when things go wrong.

thomas freeman
male, 35, security chief, nathan fillion
Freeman is a product of the American army. After countless
skirmishes, Tom decided to take his prowess to the stars.
He is generally liked by his coworkers and good friends with
Montgomery Scott.

Played by: lt_tom_freeman  

martha landon
female, 26, security officer, stana katic

Miss Landon is not your run of the mill girl-next-door. Not by a
long shot. She's a daredevil who likes to play with the boys. In her
years at Starfleet, she exhibited unmatched prowess in hand-to-hand
combat and a no-nonsense attitude that charmed her instructors.

Played by: landon_martha  

miss gaila
female, 24, computer technician, rachel nichols
Gaila is one of the few Orion officers that Starfleet has produced.
She once dated Kirk but after a misunderstanding she's severed
ties with him and moved on. She's very skilled with computers
and is able to fix most technical problems that come her way.

Played by: missgaila  


elizabeth dehner scott, psychiatrist, elizabethdehner  

keenser, engineer, beannyouredone  

john kyle, transporter technician, ltkyle 

charlene masters, geologist, master_charm 

marla mcgivers, historian, lt_mcgivers 

daniela mears, yeoman, sweetinaskirt 

harry mudd, con artist, harcourtfenton 

sanjay singh, engineer, ensign_singh 


savannah branton, weapons, ranfaraway 

isibeal doran, nurse, nursedoran 

elijah kyle, chemist, lt_elijah_kyle 

fran lynch, engineer, lisburn_lion 

mikan malex, psychiatrist, dr_mikan_malex 

charlie mathers, security, charliemathers 

alyson mcmanus
, engineer, alyson_mcmanus 

lavender murphy
, shuttle technician, lawaccordingto

david tinny, counselor, green_psyd 

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