The Start of Shore Leave

Who: Doctor McCoy and OTA
Where: The shore leave island of PARADISE! jk (kind of)
When: Just after leaving the ship

After discussing "professional matters" with the Captain (Yes, that was Jim's exact quote complete with air finger quotations) about coordinating the Shore Leave Party of the Century™, the doctor found his way out of the transport room and wandering around the scenic location.

"Huh. Not too bad. Almost like home." The climate was similar, the sun rays... It was rather nice to say the least. A walk was in the plans.
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Man those sweet memories // How do you sleep?

Who: Isibeal Doran, {open}
Where: The hallways from Medical to Mess
What: Not much has been happening recently - not that she's complaining - but she hasn't been getting much sleep due to restless nights. That and who reorganized the damn supply closet? She just fixed that!

A sigh echoed slightly through the empty Sick bay, mixing with the soft beeps of a biobed that had been turned on for testing. Or something like that, Isibeal couldn't remember at this point. She was exhausted and currently holding her head up with the help of her arm and hand.

Her nights hadn't been going so great. Since that...that thing with McCoy a few months ago, Isibeal had gone against her instinct and started researching stuff. Specifically things related to her mother, and even more so related to the father she hadn't known. Ever since, the nurse had been dreaming of ways he had died, all that time ago during the Nero incident. It wasn't pleasant, that's for certain.

Shaking her head to pull herself awake, she got up, thinking that Mess would be good right now. Nothing than a shitty cup of replicated coffee to jolt herself back to full conciousness. Ugh. Heading out of the sterile smelling area, Isibeal walked down the hallway, covering her mouth to hide a yawn as she did so. It was kind of late in the shift, and she should be paying attention to make sure she wouldn't walk into anyone but...pffft, she probably wasn't awake enough for that.

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Who: The USS Enterprise and a couple of Klingon warbirds
Where: Deep space, on the edge of Federation territory
What: The final confrontation

At the very edge of Federation territory, two Klingon warbirds uncloaked and turned, preparing to face the ship that had been hounding them for the past few days. A third was already speeding back toward Klingon space, carrying Kor and his crew with it. The two ships that remained had but one goal: destroy the Enterprise. If they could just lure her beyond the reaches of Federation territory... if they could draw her into neutral space, they could crush her, without repercussion from the Federation. Soon now, very soon, the Enterprise would be upon them.

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Who: Kirk and OPEN
What: Trying to come up with... well, something
Where: Ready Room

Klingons in their space didn't set well with him. In fact, that bothered him more then it should've. They'd said that the alien race was after dilithium. There had to be a reason behind it. A reason behind the reason even. Who were the Klingons working with or for? Many possibilities ran through his mind and he couldn't think of which one seemed more plausible. This was all giving him a headache but they needed to figure it out.

It was why he was in the Ready Room. Trying to see if he could make sense of it all, even if Bones did have some of the... That still didn't make sense to him, but the doctor was the doctor. Bones did what he needed to do and now he was going to do what he needed to do. Figure out what in the hell a cloaked Klingon ship was doing in Federation territory.

Something definitely was going on that had to be worse then Klingons stealing dilithium, they had to be a diversion for something.
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I've journeyed to this place // To study the behavior patterns of the human race

Who: The First Officer, {Open}
Where: Observation Deck
What: Even with meditating, Spock's got a lot on his mind and watching space may help. Or he just wants to be social.

Klingons, PADDs, facts, numbers, statistics, people, data - it was all running through Spock's mind like clockwork. Since their computers and sensors had led them to believe that they had Klingons nearby, the First Officer of the Enterprise had been using spare time to try and come up with logical and reasonable solutions to the given situation. The Vulcan was finding he didn't like coming up short with answers and solutions, and after meditating...still nothing.

After replicating some Vulcan fruit, Spock had gone to the observation deck, thinking that perhaps there was something going on that he could observe, like the Halloween party from last month, but there was nothing. Even with meditation, he wished for something...'unique', per say, to move his mind to something else for the time being.

Setting his small tray with the bowl of fruit and tea on the table, Spock had a seat instead, with his hands resting lightly on his knees while he watched the space float by the window.

The Klingon Drinking Game™

Who: Bones and Scotty
Where: the secret drinking location
What: The two men try to discuss current events

It had been a while since Bones and Scotty had met up. Both worked in different areas of the ship, and it was pretty rare for them to come in contact while on duty. The other day was a surprise that both happened to be on the bridge during the transmission with the Klingons.

With a PADD in his hand, Bones waited for the door to slide open, only to be greeted by the chief engineer when he stepped in. "You're always early or always late." He commented to him as he took a seat.

"I coaxed some files from Jim to look over. Maybe we can find something out of them." Really that translated to Bones griping that nothing made sense to him, and Scotty being disgusted at their 'mediocre' ship designs.

Regardless, at least he'd get a drink out of it.

Let Me Share This Whole New World With You

Who: Gaila and David Tinny.
What: First encounter.
Where: Dr. Tinny's office.

Gaila hadn't really considered going to counseling before. There really was nothing nagging so badly at her mind that she needed someone else to find out why and what made her tick. She had enormous respect for doctors though, don't get her wrong, whether of the body or mind. Dr. Dehner Scott was a wonderful lady with a lot of talent and charm, after all. She was certain this new guy was just the same.

It figures, though. As soon as shore leave ends and the new personnel is on board, something breaks down. Either the rookie messed up some equipment, or the officer inherited some lousy equipment from someone else. Of course, the new counselor's computer breaks down, and who is sent to fix it? Gaila. As if she has nothing better to do. No new personnel in her department this time, so they still had a huge workload to share between the already stationed officers. She was probably going to end up working overtime tonight, again.

But there was no use complaining. It probably wasn't the poor guy's fault, anyway. They really should look into upgrading the computer equipment in the offices around the ship. That way, this sort of thing wouldn't happen. She took a calming breath, put on a friendly smile and looked down at her PADD to make sure she was at the right place. Confirming this, she rang the bell and patiently waited for the doctor to let her in.

Sign this, please

Who: Daniela and whoever, it's open
Where: All across the ship
What: A hardworking yeoman tracking down people for signatures

It was a running joke on the ship among the yeomen that when someone was needed, they were sure to be on the completely opposite side of the ship that you were. There were always complaints flying around about why couldn't these files be sent electronically and why did the yeomen have to do so much legwork?

Daniela never joined them in their complaining, though. She knew very well that the yeoman position was one Starfleet overlooked, and if the people in charge ever sat down and worked it out, they'd realize that they actually had little use for yeomen beyond serving coffee and would discharge them all, cutting out the middleman and sending important documents directing to the officers.

That was why she had volunteered to take the bulk of paperwork for the day needing signatures from certain officers. Armed with her electronic clipboard and stylus, she checked a computer terminal to get the location of the first person on the list. Naturally, the computer told her this person was far, far away from her current location. With a sigh, she headed off to find them.